Are you desperately wanting to get rid of 10 or more pounds as fast as possible? Are you looking for a diet that helps you to knock those off?

You surely must have heard about the popular 3 day tuna crash diet that everyone is talking about lately. Will it help you to lose those pounds so you can fit into your favorite dress again?

You are ready to start with that diet, but before you begin, you want to make sure it really keeps what it promises?

The 3 day tuna Diet essentially is a starvation diet, you will get roughly 1000 calories a day which will put your body in starvation mode. Which means that your metabolism will slow down and your body tries to keep as much reserves as possible, because it thinks you are starving. Your activity level will go down and you will start to feel sluggish.

You might lose weight with the diet, but the chances are very high that you will quickly gain the weight back and probably gain even more weight then you have lost, when the diet is over and you are starting to eat normal again.

The name of the 3 day tuna diet essentially tells you that this diet will last for 3 days, which isn’t true as you are on and off the diet for approximately one month. You will be on the tuna diet for 3 days a week, four weeks straight. During the other four days of the week you are allowed to eat what you want. While this might sounds great, in truth it isn’t. Even if you make it through the three days of dieting throughout the week, it is very likely that you eat more unhealthy and fattening foods during the remaining 4 days of the week then you usually would. Which very likely will regain you any weight lost during the starvation phase.

One may think because the dieting time frame seems to be very short, there can’t be any health risks involved. During the diet you are allowed to eat small portions of fish and chicken, some vegetables, apples and a little peanut butter. That doesn’t sound like a very balanced diet and it truly isn’t.

There are man diets around that will help you losing weight and eating healthy. The 3 day tuna diet isn’t one of them.

If you want to try out a great diet that will lose you 9 pounds in 11 days, then you should check out the Fat Loss For Idiots Diet. Another wonderful diet that give you one day off during the week is The Day Off Diet.

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