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Everyone experiences some kind of digestive disorder at least once in their lifetime. In the US alone 30% of adults are taking some kind of medication – be it over the counter medication or prescription medication! This is a serious sign that something is wrong. Either with the foods we eat or with the combination of them.

I suffered from acid reflux and stomach troubles for more than 5 years, taking over the counter medication more often than not. Which made me start searching for something that would cure my problems. I tried countless solutions that promised an over night cure but delivered only short term relief.

When I found Sherry Brescia’s Great Taste No Pain Website I was very skeptical, as there are so many scams around. I read the sales letter probably 4 times or maybe even more often and was still not convinced. Luckily by that time Sherry started to offer her Pain Free in 1 Day white paper to email subscribers. I was probably one of the first ones to sign up for that.

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I followed the simple 4 Day Plan And- What a difference! I couldn’t believe it. My acid reflux was gone and except of one exception (that was me though, not following the plan to the point I must admit) the stomach pain was gone.

After the end of the 4th day I ordered my package, and I must say, this was the best $50 investment in my health I have ever made. I don’t need any over the counter medication any more. I feel much more energetic and I can still eat everything I like. Just in other combination I used to do it.

The Great Taste No Pain System is designed to reduce the acid pH level in the body. Most of our foods we consume today are highly acidic. With Sherry’s system you learn to balance the pH level through the right food combination.

If you have lots of time you can probably find the information she provides scattered all over the internet for free. And, of course you can make your own meal plans and cook to your own recipes. For me, I simply don’t have the time and truth be told I am far too lazy to do my own meal plans and recipes, so I just go back to something ready made.

When you order the Great Taste No Pain System you get the following:

1. How To End Stomach Pain Forever, Even If Your MD says “No Way” (Softcover)

This guide provides a brief background introduction, but gets into the Step by Step “How To” very quick. No unneeded fluff here.

2. What To Eat With What (Softcover)

Sherry lists every possible kind of food that you could possibly consider eating together with the corresponding foods you can combine it with for easy and pain free digestion. This is a really huge compilation.

3. Foods That Create Acid And Foods That Take It Away (Softcover)

In this manual you learn the fundamentals of body pH and the role of alkalizing foods. How you can achieve the proper balance of alkaline and acidic foods and how you can test your body pH

4. Pain Free In 1 Day (Downloadable)

This is a great 4 day meal plan to get you started. Filled with breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus that will make your digestive symptoms start disappearing nearly instantly

5. The Great Taste No Pain Recipe Book (Softcover)

This is a 176 page cookbook filled with quick, easy-to-prepare dishes that are safe for your digestion system and taste great.

And As A Great Bonus You Will Get The No Pain Pocket Guide To Pain Free Dining Out (Printed) This little booklet fits in any purse that you can use as a reference, when you are not at home.

Final Verdict:

If you are suffering from any of the following diseases and symptoms like Diverticulosis & Diverticulitis, Colitis, Hiatal Hernia, Gastritis, IBS, Peptic Ulcer, Acid Reflux, GERD, Heartburn, Constipation, Crohn’s Disease, Abdominal Bloating and Gas, Diarrhea or Inflammatory Bowel Disease, then you should give The Great Taste No Pain System at least a try.

Sherry Brescia offers a 60 Day unconditional Money Back Guarantee. So in the unlikely case that you are not satisfied or the system doesn’t help you, you can simply let her know and get your payment refunded.

Seeing and Feeling IS Believing!


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